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Kim Jong learns Trump is not Obama

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America in Prophecy 2009-2018 Revisited

The Book of Spiritual Seasons is a one of kind textbook on how to follow the seasons of your life and any situation. Learning how to identify what spiritual season your situation is in can help you take appropriate actions. Following the spiritual seasons helps you to better understand and navigate the ups and downs of life. There are only a few color copies of this book available that includes templates, exercises, how to section and special consultation on how to flow through each season.

Sour Apple Black Leadership Refusal to Sit at the Table is Telling

What did grandma mean by sleeping on a cooling board? Journey with me through old prayer idioms with hidden meanings. 

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See what was wrote and what actually happened for each year. Join me in a quick review of my book America in Prophecy 2009-2018.

Sister Sharon Roach
​I am a student of nature always gleaning wisdom and truth from the natural world. Let me share some truths I've learned from trees...

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Nationalism vs Globalism

I broke my silence, returned from a spiritual exile to warn you that our nation is at war! You are stuck in the middle between nationalist and globalist. You are being targeted by massive propaganda and need to know the truth of what is happening. Check out my new video and be informed!

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Lessons from Trees

Seek Truth in All Things

This has been my motto since 1996 and has served me well!

Book of Spiritual Seasons