Sister Sharon Roach
​If I looked into your life what would I see? The power of insight helps you to see what others see so that you can respond appropriately.

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Why do I use the title, Sister? Am I a psychic, mystic or black female warrior? Find out the truth about why I use Sister. 

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Some people call President Trump the boogeyman but I say that's giving him too much power. Did we forget that God is the highest power?

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The Power of Insight

Seek Truth in All Things

This has been my motto since 1996 and has served me well!

Welcome to my site!

Thank you for visiting my new site. I am anxious to continue sharing my insights, observations, wisdom, mistakes and inspirations on life with you. It really is true that knowledge is power and the more you can absorb the stronger you will become in life. 

On this site I sharing everything that I have gleaned on my spiritual journey. More than a religious view it is my intention to present information from a spiritual, cosmic and realistic view that all can appreciate and use. Enjoy!!

The Sister in Me

The Power of God in the Age of Trump