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The Season of the Unseen 3rd Party

Book of Spiritual Seasons

Rise of Islamic Rule

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You arrive at this season because a negative influence is working behind the scenes against you... Read more about this journey

Sour Apple Black Leadership

Part 3 of this series is about signs of sorcery & signs of God.

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Don't think Islam can rule America? Better think twice... Read more

Can You Read the Messages God Sends You?

Need Prayer?

Part Three in this series looks at signs of sorcery and signs of God. Great studies on identifying and understanding messages from God in your life.

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I will pray for you. All you have to do is contact me about your situation. Do  you need guidance, direction, assistance, healing, justice or redemption. God will show you the way. Send me your request so that I can pray for you. God will answer. Contact me now.

Only a few color copies available!

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I'm so tired of black leadership failing the black community and no one holding them accountable. Read more.

Seek Truth in All Things

This has been my motto since 1996 and has served me well!

The Book of Spiritual Seasons is a one of kind textbook on how to follow the seasons of your life and any situation. Learning how to identify what spiritual season your situation is in can help you take appropriate actions. Following the spiritual seasons helps you to better understand and navigate the ups and downs of life. There are only a few color copies of this book available that includes templates, exercises, how to section and special consultation on how to flow through each season.