Sister Sharon Roach

How to Survive on the Job Series

Current Journeys. Enjoy!

One of the biggest and most popular aspects of my ministry is prayer. I receive constant requests from folks who would like for me to pray for them. Most are stories of failure, suffering and frustrations that are rooted in missed opportunities of life. If I had to leave one piece of advice to people it would be to treat life as the precious and sacred gift it is. You only have one chance on this earth and cannot afford to miss out on the multitude of opportunities that stare you in the face each day of your life. Every season whether good or bad that you go through in life carries an opportunity it’s up to you to grab it.

Every season of your life is meant to elevate you to a higher level of existence and consciousness. There are things that you will go through in life that will have the potential to either crush or make you. Critical crossroads disguised as general trials of life that are so impacting they can alter your future. Hundreds of personal journeys that are supposed to take you somewhere you haven’t been before materially, spiritually and intellectually. Yet, you will never know these opportunities are in front of you without the knowledge of the seasons. You can’t arrive at where you are supposed to be in life until you take the journey.

This corner of my site is about 100 sacred journeys that are meant to take you to a higher holistic path through the knowledge of self. It’s time to stop looking without for your path forward and return to the true source of your empowerment which rests within. Come back and visit with me I will add new journeys weekly.

What is 100 Journeys?