Sister Sharon Roach

On December 23rd I asked God to give me the truth about 2018, give me insight and understanding of what this year would be like for the world. God answered me in my spirit and one of the main things about this year to hit me was how active world powers would be in this year. There will be gatherings of world elites to hastily implement strategies for power grabs. These gatherings of mind, power and wealth will go unnoticed by those of us at the lower end of the ladder. Yet, their decisions and actions will impact many of us in 2018. God gave me the answer to my question about 2018 but went a step further to bring it home to my mind. It involved a small road trip.

My two daughters and I decided to take a road trip the day after Christmas. We had planned to visit the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia and do a pilgrimage of sorts to Harriet Tubman’s grave in Auburn, NY. Also, if time and weather permitted we hoped to travel for two more hours to obtain a parking lot view of the Niagara Falls. However, we overestimated traffic and arrived in Philly ahead of our schedule. We looked at what was open and decided to visit the Freemason Museum to kill some time until the Mutter Museum opened. The random visit to the Freemason Museum opened my eyes to what God was trying to reveal about 2018.

Walking through the gorgeous, elegant, beautiful and immaculate rooms of the Freemason Museum was like strolling through world history. From Egyptian to Celtic and Roman to Greek, I was speechless at what the Master Masons had built through the ages. I walked through rooms that some of the most powerful men of history frequented. There was massive staircases and doors that cost more than all the houses on my street combined. I peeked in a library that held books older than our nation. I placed my hands on chairs, tables and sofas that Taft, Roosevelt, Truman and Dukes from England once used. From the pink marble to gold gilded pillars the place reeked of power. This was just a small scale sample of the power that would be gathering to decide the direction of our world, a small comparison to the world powers that would be gathering in 2018. Yet, I walked away from that museum visit “shooked” by what God had revealed to me, how so much power and control can be concentrated in the hands of a few. If those who hold the reigns of the world are compassionate in heart towards mankind it can mean good things for the people but if those powerful hearts are full of greed it will produce oppression.

The best way I can describe the year 2018 is simply to call it a world coup. One powerful faction stealing control from another world power. We will see the results in the agendas (marching orders) handed down to world leaders. Understand, this is nothing new and has been going on since the birth of civilizations. Power to power is a perpetual game of the ages and all nations. The shift from one power to another produces twists and turns in the directions of nations.  The keyword surrounding the change of power in 2018 is transition and normalcy. We will see a struggle between competing factions view of what normalcy means but with blurred lines of what is right or wrong about each of their perspectives. In fact, they don’t know themselves because their motives are based off emotions and avarice.

Those individuals who are part of the gathering factions of 2018 are so wealthy and powerful that the world’s media outlets refuse to speak their names or acknowledge their existence. At our level of society we never hear about them and forget they are in the world but their decisions impact our lives. The world they see is different from the world we have to live in. Our struggles are sometimes the price paid for their dreams come to fruition. There is a naïve desire on their part to return the world to normalcy or the way things used to be. Each powerful faction has their own concept of what normalcy looks like and biased views of how the world used to be. Their secret competing factions will be gathering in 2018 to reevaluate what has transpired in our world and dictate swift corrections. What will be produced in our 2018 reality from these fast changes is bold aggressive moves and sudden new directions from world leaders. It is their swift corrections which we must watch out for. They will meet with success in implementing their corrections but the transition is what will hurt them. Victory comes with a price as the struggles of managing transition of the world from one reality to another will prove to be insurmountable.

The year 2018 will definitely see the long awaited fulfillment of major plans that have been put in place which means one of the world’s powerful factions will win over the others. The world will move away from days of past administration agendas, free from having to make confusing decisions based on far leaning agendas and having to operate from a state of confusion. For world leaders there will be challenging days ahead as the truth of the past begins to leak out and the management of the new agenda becomes burdensome. Yet, the destruction of past agendas is necessary to manifest new ones. For those world powerbrokers who end up on the losing side it will be difficult because they will have poured humungous amounts of resources into building their agenda but will lose and receive nothing in return. It’s called risk.

I don’t like what this year will manifest. The world will see a new firm grip, a controlling hand, overbearing and powerful influence. Yet, one surprising thing to arise out of this year is a woman whose leadership creates ripples around the world. The apple cart of world power will be disrupted by a powerful female voice. She will prove to be either a monkey wrench in the world elite’s plans or a tool for their use.

Much of what I have just now wrote will not be completely understand until situations begin to unfold but don’t sleep on this stuff because at some point events will begin to unfold so fast that it will be hard to keep up.

I leave you with this, the history of mankind is ripe with the changing agendas of world elites. From Alexanders desire to conquer the world, Hannibal’s thirst for land and countless King’s and Queen’s conquest of foreign lands. Look around and show me where Alexander’s empire is today? Where is Hannibal’s kingdom? What nations do the Kings and Queens of Europe own today compared to yesterday? The rise and fall of power is the way of mankind. Yet, the Creator still stands and owns the universe of which our small planet resides. Don’t be afraid of what world elites may do, be watchful of their actions but be mindful of their place in the grand scheme of God’s infinite Creation.

May 2018 bring you continued protection, blessings and covering from the Creator.