Sister Sharon Roach

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May the 4 Queens of Womanhood guide you to inner discovery and spiritual development. If you have any questions please contact me.

Sister Sharon Roach

I wrote this series to counter the blatant propaganda and agenda to marginalize the sacred role of woman in God’s creation. The information is meant to empower and promote spiritual growth, so that you can hold on to the sacredness God gave you.

Deep within, you have the power of God’s creation but tapping into it requires knowledge of self. 4 Queens of Womanhood is a journey into self. You will find attributes of yourself in each Queen. Discovery and identification is the first step towards knowledge of self. After reading this series you should know more about yourself than when you first started.

The Four Queens each have something to reveal about self. Each Queen represents a different level of female consciousness and growth. Together they reveal the past, present and future you.  I hope you benefit from the information provided. Enjoy!