Sister Sharon Roach

America in Prophecy 2009-2018 Revisited

It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago I wrote my first book. A thin book with red, white and blue patriotic flag and ribbon on the front cover. Out of all the books I’ve written this one small thin book humbles me the most. How I fit 10 years’ worth of prophecy into 48 pages is still amazing but I never have been one for fluff and filler. It was my first book and it wasn’t perfect but a bulk of it has come to pass. I still remember scribbling the messages for the years in a college ruled notebook and later having to decipher my own handwriting. Writing the book was the first major challenge of my ministry, trying to stay on point with the message ruling out my own biases, thoughts and opinions. At the time I had difficulty understanding some of the events from the context of what was happening in 2007. In hindsight, all I can say is that we as a nation have been through some phenomenal changes. It is by the grace of God that our nation has not fallen completely to ruin. Yet, it is by the almighty grace of God that most of this book has come to pass. I think it’s time to revisit America in Prophecy 2009-2018 and do an honest assessment of what was wrote and what actually happened through the years.   

In the front of the book I provided a chart briefly describing each year:

2009- Inexperienced leadership and a dip in financial gains.

2010-Conflict & danger. Life is given to the Ultimate Plan.

2011-False peace, waiting, anxiety, emotional unrest.

2012-Deterioration, decline and passions run wild.

2013-Conflict, riot, confusion and civil unrest.

2014- Chaos ends. Inexperienced leadership makes a crucial decision which sets America on its path of destiny. The nation awakes to the truth.

2015-The nation will step from the past into the future. Abandonment of the old and searching for the new.

2016- The greatest and most powerful leader to ever lead the nation will rise and take the helm.

2017-Great rebuilding, unity, renewed vision.

2018-Renewed prosperity and strength.

Let us take a brief look at each year, what I wrote and what actually happened that year:

An inexperienced President will take charge, make the inaugural vows, and arouse the people. The new age will have begun. In former times Presidents gave these same vows and broke them but in this year 2009 God will not be mocked. God is holding the President and the people who elected them accountable for what is promised, expected and what actually happens. The inexperienced President receives what they asked for, the chance to lead, even if it’s down the wrong path. The people receive what they asked for, a change in leadership, even if it’s inexperienced leadership which sends the nation in danger.

Close to 2 million people attended the inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th President. “It’s beyond the dream” stated Oprah Winfrey who sat next to Samuel L. Jackson. “We’re just here feeling it with the throngs of people. Its amazing grace personified” There truly was a bond between the people and Barack Obama as the nation witnessed this historic event.

Inexperience began to show as Barack Obama immediately had to tackle one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression, signing into law a $787 billion stimulus package that would later be critized as another bailout for the wealthy. The following month after his inauguration he announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops out of Iraq by August 2010 which would later contribute to further instability in the region. In an attempt to stabilize the Afghanistan government Obama announces in December of 2009 that he will send 30,000 additional troops to the region to combat the Taliban. His own party protested the decision. Inexperience at overcoming resistant republican lawmakers and backstabbers within his own democratic party was highlighted during this year.

Everything I wrote for the year 2010 was on the mark. While writing this book in 2007 I had no idea who would be President but later did a video “2008 Election Prophecy” which was created prior to the election on October 18, 2008. I name Barack Obama as the winner of the presidential race in this video. Knowing the truth of what was behind the presidency of Barack Obama I never was a supporter. For several years I was isolated because of my stances against Obama’s policies but I’m glad I stood firm and never caved in. Sometimes you have to stand on the truth no matter what. Although I disagree with his policies I can say that he did keep us out of a major war and helped to bring us out of a recession. However, as we can now see, his policies on Syria, Iran and Russia have come back to haunt us.

There will be rough times in this year with conflict and a resounding defeat of some sort assured. Enemies are apparent and have to be dealt with. Confrontation is unavoidable. A sacrifice will be made as the leadership and the enemies meet but there is a bigger plan to be revealed. Careful is the eye which watches during these times and see’s the sacrifice coming and the Ultimate Plan unfold.

The new President is encouraged to think through a problem before taking any action, this is not the time for hasty decisions. The best defense is preparation. The Presidents spouse will be a close partner and solid ally during the rough times.

There will be rough times in this year with conflict and a resounding defeat of some sort assured. Enemies are apparent and have to be dealt with. Confrontation is unavoidable. A sacrifice will be made as the leadership and the enemies meet. On January 27th during Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address he laid out a plan to create jobs, put an end to the don’t ask, don’t tell policy in the military and launching healthcare reforms. He suffered defeats and setbacks on these issues from republicans during 2010. Surrounded by opposition Barack Obama worked on a deal with Republicans to let all tax cuts remain in effect for two years and extend unemployment benefits for another 13 months for those still unemployed from the recession. On December 17 President Barack Obama signed into law the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, Job Creation Act of 2010. However, the next day on December 18th the controversial DREAM Act was rejected by the US Senate, the apparent sacrifice for the year 2010. There is still much speculation and uncertainty surrounding what exactly the Ultimate Plan is.

The new President is encouraged to think through a problem before taking any action. The premature pullout of US troops out of Iraq during 2010 would create instability in the region that the Iraqi government and military could not handle. Had Barack Obama studied the impact of the pullout a little deeper as suggested in the above reading for 2010 things might have been a little different.

A false sense of peace will prevail in the year of our God 2011. It is a year that will be spent in waiting. Leadership has made its move and now the nation waits to see what will happen. This is the year when God makes the nation sweat it out before launching it further into its destiny. The calm before the storm. The worry before the crisis. Things are no longer under the control of man. A threat hangs over America and a major decision waits to be made by leadership. The danger is still present and the people have become paralyzed with fear and anxiety.

There are those who are waiting for the world to come to an end in 2012 and/or catastrophes to take place. Fear mongers and opportunist are taking advantage of this great fear to push their products and pitch their sales to unfortunate souls who believe them. The truth of the matter is this; the world will not come to an end. There will be strife and pronounced deterioration.

Leadership has made its move and now the nation waits to see what will happen. There is no doubt what this line was referring to. During 2011 under the leadership of Barack Obama the U.S. launched an Arab Spring which saw the overthrow of several leaders. In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak was ousted through protests and military coup. In Yemen thousands suddenly demanded their president step down. It all started with a revolt in Tunisia against its leadership and ended with the death of Gadhafi in Libya. In support of the Libyan uprising U.S. fires cruise missiles against Gadhafi’s forces in support of Libyan rebels. A defiant, Russian and Iranian backed Syrian government was able to survive the Arab Spring but fell into a civil war that is still continuing to this day.

A threat hangs over America and a major decision waits to be made by leadership.  The only threat that I can identify that hung over the U.S. during 2011 was the continued operations of Osama Bin Laden and his global terrorism. Because of the Arab Spring people American citizens was fearful of retaliatory terrorist attacks in the U.S., Obama makes a decision to take Osama Bin Laden out. American Special Forces kill Bin Laden in Pakistan and hurriedly bury him at sea.

There are those who are waiting for the world to come to an end in 2012. During 2011 there was much hype about the Mayan Calendar and several end of the world prophecies for 2012. There was even a movie about the world ending in 2012. None were as famous and popular as the end-times prophecy by Harold Camping. Thousands of people left their jobs and homes to greet the long awaited event. Many people went to South America to witness the end of days in the areas of the Mayan calendar. All were disappointed when nothing happened.

This is the year of the great deterioration of America as a nation. A culmination of years of widening gaps will come to a climax as the disparities become sickening. As a result, the nation will be filled with turmoil and dissatisfaction. The many opposing sides will clash and the self-righteous will be crushed in both.

Those who remain steadfast to God and Spirit will not take sides and avoid the great deterioration. In the need only the spiritual and the neutral will be able to survive the year 2012. This is also a year that will witness a great outpouring of charity and generosity. Those who are faithful to God in spirit will experience Divine gift from God which will sustain them on through 2018.

The nation has proven that it is worthy of Satan’s interest. Yet, there are those who are still holding onto their faith in God. This the year when the wheat will be separated from the tare. Those who are weak in God will fall away.

The nation has proven that it is worthy of Satan’s interest. The year 2012 saw many tragic events that revealed how deeply disturbed our society had become. A mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, killings at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and the shocking mass shooting at a Newton, Connecticut school caused the nation to gasp in despair. To add fuel to the fire, in the same year, the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman fanned the flames of racial hate as the nation became deeply divided.

This is the year of the great deterioration of America as a nation. Superstorm Sandy trashed the East Coast leaving millions without power, over 125 people dead and the destruction of over 72,000 homes and businesses. The politicization of the disaster was evidence of how far the nation was decaying.

This is the year of our God 2013 and it is a year of inexperience and conflict. Once again America is in the hands of the inexperienced. Arrogant in their inexperience, foolish and blind to what is really going on around them, blind to the immense responsibility they have taken over. America herself is inexperienced for what the year will bring and will suffer as a result.

This is the year of conflict and difficulty when disparities become enormous, gaps widen, and dividisons grow further apart causing a war like state. Nothing of this nation has happened in America since the Civil War of the 1800s the modern mindset is not adapted to cope with such conflict on domestic soil. Inexperienced leadership is hard pressed to control it. To take sides is to loose, to remain steadfast in God is to win.

Mothers gather bread while fathers put up boards; children are given warning to be careful. The families gather and make their homes a fortress, inside they will go until the coming storm has come and went, and they want no part of the evil that is coming.

It is a summer of sweltering intense riot and Chaos. There will be so much hate and discord that it will seem as if a hot smoldering chunk of hell itself has been cast down upon America. The inexperienced leadership will have no idea how to contain the Chaos and will often or not become apart of the Chaos.

The death of 16 year old Kimani Gray by NYPD in Brooklyn, New York saw riots but not on the scale of the outrage seen with the previous death of Trayvon Martin. The year 2013 while not as intense as predicted was a year filled with many different forms of chaos. Racial tension grew even more heated when George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder in July of 2013. Newt Gingrich and others had predicted that the nation would be torn apart by raging riots if Zimmerman went free. However, the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict was eerily silent, there was no rioting or rage just frustration and disappointment. This strange moment of silence would prove to be the silence before the storm as successive years brought riots across America for various racial injustices.

The racial divide grew even deeper as frustrations and prejudices festered. Obama was hard pressed to approach the growing frustrations and even more hesitant to take sides even in events of obvious wrongs. The inaction and ignoring the problem of racial tensions in the nation helped to produce further conflicts and riots. Meanwhile, storms wreaked havoc across the nation as 24 people and hundreds were wounded in Moore, Oklahoma. An outbreak of tornadoes, 76 in total ravaged the Great Plains. To many it seemed as if the weather was trying to tell the nation something.

Many evangelicals and fundamental Christians found their belief systems challenged as Obama’s administration pushed gay marriage, LBGT rights and many Christians were punished for not providing business services to LBGT individuals. Disillusioned from the 2012 election candidates, the religious right or evangelicals seemed to have went into their homes never to be heard from again. This identifies with mothers gathering bread and fathers boarding up windows and children being warned to be careful in these dangerous times. The danger was spiritual and the family unit was the intended target. The religious right grew more irrelevant in the growing liberal environment and decided to avoid instead of confront the rising storm within the nation.

The change winds blow over America. A change has finally come. It is the breath of God, clearing the land of regret and strife. America begins to prosper again. The people have changed, the leadership has changed, the nation as a whole has changed.

A new mindset has taken hold of the nation, the people are now in sync with their leadership and positive reconstruction is put in order.

A veil was placed on the summer season of 2014
At the writing of this book in 2007 I could not see what was to take place over the summer of 2014 or how racial tensions would escalate. 2014 was a transitory year in which the winds of change begin to grow fiercely riots against racial injustices popped up everywhere. The protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri shook the nation and helped to propel Black Lives Matter into the national spotlight. The failure to indict a police officer in the death of Eric Garner in New York caused unrest and protest across major cities of the nation. All of this highlighted the growing disparities and injustices. A new mindset amongst the youth of the nation had taken hold indeed but there was definitely no positive reconstruction or syncing with leadership.

This is the year of difficult beginnings. Something is trying to be birthed but it is not quite the time and the change winds have not finished with the nation.

In this year of profound waiting and anticipated change some grow impatient and want to force a change instead of waiting on the Will of God to be done. They will be exposed and ridiculed for what they have done. The will invoke Chaos upon themselves and others. For a brief moment Chaos will rule until the nation regains itself. The change winds will blow again ushering in the new age. Peace has been made with the past and now America can move into its new destiny. A destiny that is in question.

This the spring of reality. America takes a look at itself, its values, imperfections and weaknesses. Things once thought appropriate and admirable are no longer so but held in contempt. There is a driving force throughout the nation to rebuild on something real and good for all. All aides are looked at and everything practical and realistic is taken into consideration.

People are ready to leave the past behind them and move on into the future. Weary from things that have not worked. Wearty from toiling away for nothing. The nation is in a peculiar state of affairs, ready to cross any threshold that presents itself just for the sake of moving on.

All emphasis is placed upon America’s own infrastructure and improving the conditions for its own people. No longer must the nation be a global bully. Strength comes from within. Like so many great nations of ancient times, America stands the chance of being destroyed by its own discontent from within, unless it can correct itself.

2015 proved as predicted that the change winds were not through with the U.S. as Baltimore, Maryland erupted into rioting, burning and looting from the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody. Rioting and looting continued ever after the funeral of Freddie Gray causing the Governor to activate the Maryland National Guard and State Troopers to restore order in the state.

The rise of Donald Trump’s nationalist driven presidential campaign, with a message of building a wall, building our own infrastructure and taking care of our own people first, struck home with many who felt neglected by the Obama administration. The prediction that emphasis would be placed on American’s own infrastructure became truth in 2015. People were now looking for real change not just rhetoric and identity politics.

As predicted people were ready to move on into the future. There was frustration in both political parties against the establishment who wanted to push more of the same type candidates. In 2015 and well into 2016 the nation truly was in a peculiar state of affairs as people began to turn to the most unlikely candidates as opposed to the media driven establishment favorites.

The year 2016 is a very important year because of the leadership which will take the helm. This person is special because they hold the balance and destiny of the nation in their hands. Wars will be fought in the heavens over the domination of this person’s soul. Lucifer will fight Michael and the winner will have control over the most powerful human on earth. This person will be the new President of America.

This person is like no other before them and has unlimited potential to not only lead the nation but the whole Americas. This is the year when Americans will take a deep breath of fresh air in a sound new leadership that will take charge with confidence, experience and vision. Nothing of this magnitude has been seen in this nation since the vision of the founding fathers.
Harmony and unity will be established in the nation and a new form of patriotism will emerge. This is the year of new glory, a nation determined to survive and overcome the obstacles, its enemies and the corruption within. The Ultimate Plan that has been brewing through the years has yet to be accomplished but this leadership will bring it closer to fruition than any other.

One thing that strikes me about this prediction is that it seems like the newly elected President has been inaugurated into office before the actual inauguration ceremony. True to form, after the election in November it does indeed seem as if Donald Trump became the President with just as many cheering him on as were protesting him. President Donald Trump fits the bill of what was predicted. He really is like no other president before him. However, in these early days of his presidency most Americans are not taking a deep breath of fresh air but are gasping in disbelief that he actually won the election.

One thing I know is the laws of the universe. The simple law that dictates, when you are down there is nowhere else for you to go but up. I see this happening with Donald Trump. He has a vision of rebuilding the nation and making reforms on a scale that is comparable to the founding fathers. I can only hope that he will eventually unite the nation, overcome the obstacles our nation faces and stamp out the corruption which has been driving us into the ground. Yet, it is the Ultimate Plan that I’m more concerned with. This is deeply disturbing because it crosses presidencies and although many of us would like to think we know what it is, we really don’t.

The nation has been in a state of constant deterioration and near condemnation, the new leadership has been unfortunate to inherit the mess. God will send a spirit of action, construction and rebuilding throughout leadership and the people. This year will see a whole new batch of founding fathers of a renewed nation, government and infrastructure.

Leadership will lead the way and motivate the masses to work in a spirit of unity unseen before. The construction of this new America is spectacular and will rival all former structures and existing structures. Man will pour his heart and soul into the work as if he were building a new and improved Tower of Babel. There is a part of leadership which wants to do what is right. Leadership does not want to lead a rag-tag nation of ruins but a dynamic new world superpower that is second to none.

I will hold off on addressing this year 2017 until it’s completed.

Satan was also a bringer of light, the most beautiful and exalted angel made by God. Power corrupted him and he fell to a lower state. Will the Divine history repeat itself and a light among man be turned into an abomination of God? Leadership has become the most powerful person on earth. The weight of the world is in their hand. Such absolute power can be frightening because history has proven absolute power corrupts. There is the potential for leadership to become grandiose in their power and overly aggressive in their tactics. There is the potential for leadership to become self-serving and corrupt with so much power. How much power can a man hold without succumbing to its sway? If they can overcome their own inner-weakness they can lead this nation and the entire world to further greatness.

As with 2017 I will wait until the year has passed.