Sister Sharon Roach

Who Am I?

I am humble enough to know that I'm not better than anyone else but wise enough to know that I'm different than the rest.

I am a teacher, preacher and seeker of God's truth in all things. I firmly believe that the highest form of God's word is the essence of truth which can be found in all things in this universe. The knowledge of self and discovery of truth has provided me with an abundance of peace within. As a spiritually liberated woman of God I seek to share this knowledge to help others find their way on this journey called life.

What do I do?

I write about, preach and teach the truths God gives me. Whether it be truths from nature or from the trials and errors of life.

Learn Knowledge of Self

So many people learn doctrines, ideologies and what other people are teaching but never take the time to learn who they truly are. No type of knowledge will do you any good if you don't learn who you are first. Knowledge of self is a journey inwards. 

Seek Truth in All Things

You can't be about God and not seek His truths. A true follower of God will always look for the truth in all situations, people and things. Why? Because God is truth. 

About Me

Always Follow Your Spirit

God has provided you with a compass that will lead you in all situations and aspects of your life. The Spirit within will never lead you wrong it is always 100% correct. The hard part is disciplining your mind and body to follow the Spirit. It is a lifelong challenge but one which reaps many rewards.