Sister Sharon Roach

North Korea fears a U.S. invasion. As if someone has warned them that the U.S. will soon conduct regime change in their nation. They have been firing missiles like never before and openly challenging U.S. leadership. These over the top responses and actions are for a reason not just for show. Something is brewing.  In truth, North Korea is the battleground for the next rising power in East Asia.

It’s very clear at this point that North Korea is not afraid of war with the U.S. In fact, it seems as if Kim Jong is trying to provoke the U.S. into conflict. What we are witnessing is the decline of Western power in East Asia. The U.S. and other western powers have lost considerable power in East Asia while China continues to position itself to regain the region. The enablers of North Korea is Russia and China who do not want to see regime change in their backyard.

North Korea watched how the U.S. toppled one foreign leader after another such as Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and many others throughout the Obama Administration. Called out by the GW Bush Administration as one of three in the “Axis of Evil” North Korea sees danger in its dealings with the U.S. Yet, it’s not just North Korea that is growing weary of U.S. power in the region. The last straw for China was the South China Seas dispute and for Russia it was the U.S. coup in the Ukraine. Both nations view U.S. involvement in these regions as bullying.

There is no way the U.S. can remain powerful in the region without going to war which is not the best solution for the current crisis.  Over 20 million Asians stand between a U.S. military confrontation and North Korean missiles. A strike against North Korea would place millions of lives in jeopardy. Kim Jong knows this and is emboldened by it. However, we must never forget the truth that this is really about Russia and China fighting U.S. imperialism and western powers.

The big question is, will President Trump sacrifice U.S. troops, economy and status as world superpower to prove a point to North Korea.?

Unfortunately, President Trump is in a weak position. He must act because if he doesn’t other nations will challenge the U.S. the same as North Korea. North African nations are watching and waiting to see how the U.S. will handle North Korea. A weak response will invite heightened terrorism. A strong response will make North Korea back-down off of its defensive stance. Too strong of a response will invite war. Trump and his administration are challenged with finding middle ground.

Let me add, while Trump is focused on North Korea, Assad in Syria is gaining ground and crushing ISIS. If President Trump mishandles North Korea he can forget about continued fighting in Afghanistan.

Also, other Asian nations are watching how the U.S. responds to North Korea. A weak U.S. response will tip the balance of power in the region to Chinas favor.  Russia is not concerned about being a superpower in East Asia, as long as it can sell weapons it’s okay with China leading in the region. I don’t think people realize how delicate this situation is and how it’s outcome can challenge the U.S. world status.