Sister Sharon Roach

Praying to Get Out of Debt

Leading economist and mainstream news sites consistently try to paint a pretty picture of a not so great U.S. economy. I hear and read all the time about how great our economy is growing but yet I receive countless emails from people who are enduring financial hardships. There is clearly a disconnect between what is happening to everyday working class people and the big salaried pundits, economist and journalist who tell us everything is swell. The fact is that a majority of Americans are still battling debt and this is the biggest type prayer request that I receive.

Living under a mountain of debt or owing more than what you bring in is stressful which is why people turn to prayer. A small minority of people actually think that prayer will produce a lump sum of money from heaven that will wipe away all of their problems and afford them a life of luxury. All they have to do is pray and God will issue them a check from the 1st Baptist Bank of Heaven. If only life was this easy. This is not reality but escapism from hard circumstances. To get out of debt takes prayer, personal responsibility, planning and most important action.

Let me tell you a little secret about sacred prayers. When you are down and out, hit rock bottom and in desperate need of a small miracle to help see you through, sacrifice is the key. Before some of you go off the deep end, sacrifice is more than roasting lambs, doves and cows on an altar. Hopefully, no one is doing this anymore. The sacrifice I’m talking about has to be personal and painful. You have to give something that will be missed in order to gain the small miracle you seek. Some of you will counter that this is incorrect, all people have to do is pray and their miracle will come through. The person gets off free with no consequences, no lessons learned and more than likely the bad behavior is repeated again because they know prayer will bail them out each and every time. Nope. This is not how God intended prayer to be used.

If you are struggling to provide the bare necessities such as shelter, food and insurance the sacrifice might be the cable that you love to watch so much or perhaps even the internet. Maybe it’s switching from your high-end expensive Verizon phone to a flip phone from Cricket. A sacrifice of something you love but really, if push came to shove can do without.  Maybe you and your daughter might have to stop getting your nails professionally done instead buying DIY nails from the drugstore. Maybe you and your son will have to stop buying $200 dollar shoes instead purchasing cheaper shoes. The family might have to get used to eating Hamburger Helper instead of Five Guys or swap the mansion for a townhouse.  You alone know where the fat can be trimmed in your household expenses. The sacrifice you make in one area of your life will be compensated in another. If it was out of control spending that got you here in the first place it will be a sacrifice of spending that will help bring you restoration.

Look at your situation and see what you can eliminate or substitute for something cheaper. Take the savings and apply it towards your debt. Keep chipping away at it and eventually you will reduce the mountain of debt to rock. If you are unemployed and have no income to pay your debts the action you take is in obtaining an income such as looking for a job. There is more. By making a sacrifice you are also proving that you can be a good steward over the blessings God gives you, paving the way for Gods mercy in your situation. Keep praying to God for direction through all of your debts and back it up with action such as a sacrifice and you will have a victory.

It is possible to pray your way out of debt but it must be accompanied by personal responsibility and action on your part.