Lesson from the Eagles

March 14, 2017

Sister Sharon Roach

Animals have remembered what humans are forgetting. The importance and value of the family unit. I’ve been ranting for a long time about how crucial it is for us to protect and strengthen the families in our society. The family unit is more than procreation of humans, it’s also the foundation of value systems that extend from individual to universal. Yesterday, I watched a pair of eagles protecting their two eggs during the recent snowstorm and it highlighted all that I have been saying. I have added this interesting video for your enjoyment as well.

Not many people know about the other Mr. President and First Lady of DC. I’m referring to the special pair of eagles that have made their home in the Arboretum of Washington DC. The DC Eagle Cam unobtrusively monitors their activity. Last night the entire Washington DC metro area which includes parts of Virginia and Maryland was under a winter storm watch bringing frigid temperatures, sleet, ice and snow. The eagle couple suffered through all of this to protect their two little eggs.

So many people have abandoned the responsibility of protecting and caring for their families. In today’s society fathers abandon their children leaving single mothers to raise them alone. Mothers place other interests over the wellbeing of their children. Some mothers walk away from their families because they don’t want the responsibility.  How many times do we see news stories about children being abused and even killed by boyfriends, girlfriends, step-moms and fathers? A vast majority of these unfortunate events can be traced to the dysfunction and neglect of the family unit.

On an individual level, the family unit helps to produce strong contributing members to society. Good family traditions, structures, education and support help to shape the individuals value system. Strong and secure individuals look within for their identity and motivation in life helping to raise their self-esteem. All of this stems from caring and loving parents who like the eagles are willing to endure all manner of hardships just so their offspring can have a chance at life. They want their children to be prepared for the hardships of life that will surely come their way and teach them how to persevere in order to succeed.

On a universal level, I can see where the preservation of the family unit in the black community can help to improve some of the major challenges we are facing today. So many youth are lost in the streets because dysfunctional families have let them down. On the flip side, there is also many youth who come from structured families who were influenced down the wrong path by their peers. Either way the child who comes from a home that not only nourishes them but educates and provides a sense of identity stands a better chance of resisting being led down the wrong path. The eagle couple will train their two little hatchlings how to not only fly but survive in this world. Sometimes the best of efforts fail but that doesn’t mean we give up trying to raise and advocate for our young.

There is not too much support or fight for the preservation and building of strong families, not even in the church. Everything is about individual rights and the pursuit of material gain at all cost. Yet, somehow nature has a way of scolding us humans and reminding us of the core principles of our universe. The eagles is today’s reminder of how we should be protecting our families but tomorrow it might take something a little more severe to teach us the lesson about the value of family. As we move into the future this is something that each of us should keep in mind. The challenges a child faces today is different than what many of us older folks faced as a child. Times have changed and will continue to change which is why the family must be encouraged to become stronger not weaker.

I hope you enjoy the video and the precious lessons that the eagles teach us with their actions.

No, not the musical group that sang Desperado or the giant birds from Lord of the Ring!

Sister Sharon Roach