Sister Sharon Roach

Signs in Numbers

What is this about?

Personal Experiences

This series is about the forgotten and sacred aspects of discernment and of God’s spiritual world. Yet, back in the old days such things were hardly spoken of aloud but whispered and shared in secrecy. In those days’ receiving messages from God were just like breathing, they were an essential part of living and surviving. Today they are fodder for movies, television shows and fantastic stories of supernatural fantasy. This series will teach you what your ancestors knew

Messages from God is a part of your life journey an existence with God. These special moments can provide evidence to you that God is real and active in our world today. Like a compass, they can guide you through many troubled waters and like the wind they can carry you to a higher consciousness of yourself. In fact, the older you grow the more conscious you will become of messages from God. Each new experience will bring you an amazing new level of awareness. Messages are like road signs pointing, steering and merging us with the will of God. The further you travel the more you will come into the truth that past, present and future, birth, life and earthly death are all part of one greater path leading to eternity and immortality.

Messages are sacred interactions with God. Let us embrace these experiences and welcome them into our life journey. Are you ready to take the journey through deep spiritual knowledge about God’s messages?

Introduction to Messages from God

Message from a Donkey

Messages from other People

Messages from a Song

Signs through Strange Events

Signs of Sorcery, Signs of God