Pledge of Allegiance Protest is the Global Agenda

October 9, 2017

Open your eyes to the truth of what is really going on in this nation. Mainstream media is pushing the global agenda, 99% of all news stories you view and read today is globalist propaganda. Wake up before it’s too late.

I was skimming the headlines and read where a young high school student in Texas was expelled from school because she didn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance. I don’t support this type of protest because too many people of all races died and fought for this nation. Also, as a Believer in the Creator, I support one nation under God. Yet, the globalist would like to strip this away from us citizens because it threatens their agenda.

I can recall in grade-school having to stand with the rest of the school to pledge allegiance to the flag. In my opinion it’s a special moment when we can all put aside our differences and stand united. Shoulder to shoulder, hands over heart we stand together as Americans ready to defend our nation against any threat. The global agenda has no room for national identities and is using racial justice issues to erase American patriotism. Without patriotism it’s very easy for globalist to control and own us. What does the global agenda look like?

Go down south to any of the southern states farms and plants to get a good view of how the global agenda will look. Workers who have zero rights, low pay for back-breaking work, can be fired at the drop of a hat, hostile work environments and absolutely no voice on work conditions. This is the goal of globalist. Giving up patriotism means you will not resist their plans providing them the opportunity to strip away your rights. Bending your knee during the pledge of allegiance is exactly what they want you to do.

It’s really sad that citizens can’t see through what the globalist are trying to do, especially my own black people. Every time one of us takes a bow during the pledge of allegiance we are turning our backs on all our family members who fought during the wars or our sons, daughters, relatives who currently serve in the military. I’ve heard folks say, “They will not pledge allegiance to a nation that does not support them” but what other nation on this earth can they call home? This nation is not perfect, there is still racial injustices but it’s our home nevertheless.

Folks should ask why the pledge of allegiance must be used to protest racial injustice. We can fight for sexual preferences, religious freedom, abortion rights but we can’t fight for the nation that provides us all of these privileges. We might as well prepare to hand the U.S. over to the global agenda. Trust me, under the global agenda we will have none of these rights but it will be too late to try and fight back.



Sister Sharon Roach