You are in this season because you need to be accountable for your actions, denying them makes you look really bad.

Sometimes in life you do things that are wrong, you get caught and have to face the consequences. Everybody experiences this at some point. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to be accountable for their actions. Some people like to keep up an image that they are perfect and blameless. When caught in a wrong they never acknowledge it but play the victim, explain away their actions or deny they are guilty. They can’t see how these things destroy their credibility, trust and character.

If you can’t accept the truths about your own actions how can anyone trust you? It’s really delusional because you think no one can see your guilt but people in general are not stupid or blind. Everyone can see a cracked glass. Look at yourself from another person’s perspective and see how weak you look when refusing to be accountable. Sometimes you have to step back and take a look at how you are behaving to understand how bad it looks. This season offers the opportunity to build your character and free yourself from delusions and self-deception.

When you are not afraid to be accountable for your actions it creates strong self-discipline. You become more conscious of your actions and the consequences that follow them. In all of your actions both right and wrong be willing to take the weight for them.

Sister Sharon Roach