Evil is in control and has the upper hand in the situation. It is a difficult season because you have no power. If you speak up or try to fight the present evil that surrounds you, defeat and loss will be the result. This the season to lay low, be silent and observant.

We are often taught to fight evil at all cost but there are times when evil is in a more powerful position than we are. We have to be smart. The battle is not physical but within. Holding on to your convictions, goals, character and principles when evil prevails is difficult but necessary for survival. Inner awareness of these things is crucial. In the current situation the more you try to fight evil the stronger you make it.

Don’t be quick to challenge others, voice your opinions or point out the faults in the situation. You will be crushed. Wisdom, reason, righteousness, common sense are things the current powers that be cannot comprehend. They will not tolerate opposition in any form and see logic and reason as a threat to their power. Save your strength for another day when the situation has changed for the better. Wait for this time to pass. Maintain a low profile, be seen but not heard.

The Season of Evil offers you the opportunity to discipline yourself but also learn and see firsthand how evil operates. Essentially, can you maintain your convictions without speaking them? The time calls for strength within. The Season of the Evil is often short lived you don’t have to wait too long for it to end. Evil has a way of destroying itself.

Sister Sharon Roach