Sister Sharon Roach

Each and every one of us have moments in our life where we become fixated with something or someone. It’s a dangerous season because fixation can manifest into mental and spiritual instability. Fixation also causes us to conduct irrational actions that go against our better judgement. Emotions and lust are often the root causes of our fixation which creates imbalance in our spirit.

The main reason you are in the Season of Fixation is because you are idealizing or romanticizing someone or something. Perhaps you have fallen in love with someone very deeply becoming obsessed with them. I can recall a woman who would walk across town every day to find and be with her husband. He frequented local liquor houses and she would follow him to each one. Perhaps you desire a certain promotion, position or possession. I’ve known people who have committed illegal and sinful things to get ahead on their job. Also, it might be that you have become obsessed with seeing a particular person fall into misfortune or have become fixated on extracting revenge on someone. Whatever the fixation it will end up harming you.

Seeing someone or something in this manner is not consistent with reality but also makes you very vulnerable. Being fixated on something means that you are not paying attention to other things in your life. It is for this reason that the Season of Fixation is most dangerous. Like the young mother fixated on her boyfriend and forsaking the needs of her children. So many people I know have become fixated on their careers to the point of ruining their health and missing out on the joys of life. I think the worst is probably being fixated on someone and not seeing the harmful or damaging things they are doing to you.

The Season of Fixation provides the opportunity to strike a balance between reality and fantasy. Pursuing spirituality helps you to stay balanced by following the voice of the Spirit. This season is the opportunity to get in touch with what is real. The Season of Fixation helps us to see the need for maturing in our emotions.