Sister Sharon Roach

In this season situations of your life become very heated, just enough to make you sweat but not enough to cause serious harm. You are mixed up in wrong elements. At the time it seems like the worst is about to happen because of some really bad decisions but it doesn’t. The Season of Heat is a warning that if you do this again you will be burned severely.

This season can happen when you become mixed up with the wrong people. You know that they are not of your caliber but go along with them anyway. Their mindset and values goes against everything you’ve been taught in life, goes against what’s inside of you. I’m certainly not promoting a caste society but in life you will learn that some people are not of the same mindset. You might be with them because they are the “in crowd” or you have a need to belong somewhere. You might be with them because you think they are the only friends you can obtain. Deep down inside you know these folks mean you no good but hang with them anyway. Eventually, they will persuade you to do things that go against your values. When justice and judgement arrives in the situation you find yourself scared and ashamed. You feel regret for having followed such people and doing things you know was wrong.

By the grace and compassion of God, you are spared a harsh judgement and are able to retreat from the situation and people involved. You could have lost a lot in this situation but instead you’ve been given a second chance. You walk away resolved never to place yourself in this vulnerable position again. When the situation became heated you quickly learned the truth about yourself and so-called friends.

When the heat is turned up the true nature of people come out. Those around you may become mean, aggressive and violent in their actions. You on the other hand, might begin to feel remorse, hesitant and fearful at being involved. This season provides the opportunity for you to obtain knowledge of self and develop deeper appreciation and understanding of your personal values. It’s also an opportunity to discover the true nature of those around you and make a decision of whether or not they are worth associating with. Count it a blessing to escape this season unscathed.