Sister Sharon Roach

You will go through many seasons of rebirth in your life. Each season of rebirth will bring something new within you that changes your perspective. This particular Season of Inner Rebirth is one that you have earned and it’s guided by the hand of God. You have arrived at the Season of Inner Rebirth through a difficult emotional roller coaster ride in a hard situation. That situation has come to an end and this Season of Rebirth is meant to guide you to the next phase of your life. This blessed season is produced from the foundation of your past.

You can look for rewards from past efforts to manifest in this season. A strong protective influence is covering you in this season and uncovering many blessings for you. Look for unexpected events and surprises that suddenly make life lighter and more relaxing for you. The hand of God is that strong protective influence and it will be the reason so many new and good things spring up in your life during this time.

This season offers you a chance to build on fertile ground. Everything is in balance and ready for you to build. The hand of God assures that nothing bad can touch you so take advantage of this season and build positive things in your life. As part of the Spiritual Season of Spring this season offers a new beginning but the greatest blessing it will bring is renewed confidence and belief in yourself. If you allow yourself to be guided by the strong influence of God you will be awakened to even more.

Unlike other seasons of Spiritual Spring this season requires you to be renewed from the inside. The situation you have been through has changed you on in the inside. The person you used to be in the situation no longer exists, the door is closed on that phase of the old you. Change is in you and the door is opening for the new you to evolve. What you must do is grab a hold to this experience and let the winds of change take you to where you need to be.

The inner rebirth you experience in this season will become a glowing light from within changing all aspects of your life and immediate environment. People will notice a change in you. Negativity will flee and like a magnet positive people and things will be attracted to you. Do not let the opportunities this season hold pass you by. Walk out on faith knowing that God has your back and don’t be afraid to start all over again in life or in a certain situation.

If you neglect to build during this Season of Inner Rebirth you will have missed an opportunity for growth and moving to a higher level in life.