You are in the Season of Obstacles because someone or something is blocking your way. Confrontation is avoidable. You cannot walk away from it, turn around or pretend it doesn’t exist. You can’t go over it, under it or around it, you must go through it. The obstacle must be dealt with.

The obstacle you face is your own fault. You have allowed it to grow in strength and block your path. If it is a person, they are an obstacle because you have given them more power than they should have. Whether outright handing it to them or through avoidance, fear, complacency or apathy, they are now in a position to block your path. Like water around a rock you must gather in strength and surpass them which means you will have to come in contact with them. Planning your confrontation is key.

The Season of Obstacles provides you the opportunity to test your strength, courage and intelligence. It will take all of these to remove the obstacle out of your path. Hasty, emotional and immature actions will only keep you bogged down in the situation. The more you stay at this point the stronger your obstacle will become which is why you must treat it like a battle and plan your attack so that you can move on.

Allow the soldier in you to come out and fight this battle using truth as your ultimate weapon.


Sister Sharon Roach