Sister Sharon Roach

You are in this Season of Paradox because new light has been cast on an old situation. A difficult final decision has to be made that will result in perfect harmony or disappointment.

In this season everything seems to be going well but it isn’t. Everything in the situation is superficial and unsatisfying. You are trying to pretend like everything is fine when it’s not and this is causing even more stress. Everyone involved is highly sensitive to what each other is doing and saying. It is easy to jump to conclusions off of trivial and imagined things. Suspicions is causing folks to smile while at the same time   looking sideways at each other. One sided views threatens to bring destruction to the situation and blind everyone to reason.

During the Season of Paradox it’s important to ignore negative signs because at the time they are not important. In fact, forget all about the past. What is important is the culprit who started this mess in the first place. For the individual who introduced the past into the present situation the Season of Paradox is a confirmation that you need to cut them off and distance yourself. By bringing up the past they have managed to unsettle you in the present situation.

The opportunity the Season of Paradox brings to you is the chance to weed out a trouble maker but also recognize your own internal weaknesses. The ability to see situations and people for what they really are is put to the test. Happiness can come out of this season but a price must be paid which means you will have to let go of something or someone.