Sister Sharon Roach

You will go through situations where it seems you are being torn apart and stripped down to nothing. Everything you hold dear is being taken away. It’s one of the most devastating and disturbing seasons a human can experience. You don’t know where it will end or how you will make it. This is the Season of Purity and there is a reason you are in this season.

You have arrived at this season because much of what you’ve accumulated whether mentally, emotionally or material is not reflective of the natural and real you. A contradiction has developed that is rooted in one of these areas. A spiritual process is required to remove those elements which are not conducive to your growth so that real strengths and attributes can blossom. It is a spiritual change that comes from God and is meant to cleanse and make you whole.

The Season of Purity can happen to someone who has an addiction, God is lifting the harmful substances in order for them to be free and pure. Being released from substance abuse is no easy matter with much anguish and internal suffering to endure. This season can also happen to someone whose life has become saddled with material gain and the worries that come with it. Having everything you worked so hard to obtain stripped away and taken from you is not a happy experience. Also, the person whose job became their status, their life ambition but upon losing it find themselves sinking into despair. I personally went through this season in 2006 when my house burnt down and I lost everything. God replaced everything I lost but this time what I obtained had spiritual meaning. There is always pain and loss in this season which at the time is very hard to bear.

In this season you will go through a spiritual process that will produce a wiser and stronger you. Most important, it will bring you closer to completion. After this season is over you will have peace within. What is produced is closer to what God intended you to be.