Sister Sharon Roach

If you pour water into a glass without stopping it eventually spills over. If you light a piece of paper without stopping the flame it will not only consume the paper but your fingers too. In the Season of Retreat there is an urgency to step back from a situation because you are in danger of overstepping your boundaries.

In life you have to know when to retreat from your actions or you will risk going overboard, bring ruin and disaster on yourself. You have arrived at this season because something about your situation is unbalanced or as I call it lopsided. You are extending yourself too far in the situation and there is danger in tipping over into chaos. There is a need to pull back, gain your perspective and see the reality of the situation for what it is.

I see this frequently in relationships in which one person is giving it their all, going beyond what is required to try and save the relationship or make it work. They arrive at this Season of Retreat because they need to stop what they are doing and determine if the relationship is worth saving. Also, this season requires them to look at the other person and see if they are as diligent about the relationship as themselves. If they continue with one-sided efforts in the relationship they will become the dominate force and eventually the other person will want space.

I’ve also seen this season in work places. Leaders who plan and create teams but instead of turning the work over to the team, they continue doing everything themselves. This causes resentment amongst the team members who were expecting to take on the new duties. The leader didn’t know when to stop, retreat and turn over the work to the team for completion. On the flip-side this could just as easily be a team member who doesn’t know their boundaries and crosses over into role of the leader telling others what to do and creating resentment.

The Season of Retreat is a part of Spiritual Autumn when decline has taken over and reality is trying to make itself known in situations. The Spiritual Season of Autumn is a time for retreating, contemplating and planning for your next steps and the Season of Retreat is no exception. The Season of Retreat is a highly emotional time and it’s easy to miss the opportunity to retreat and gain your perspective. This season offers the opportunity to evaluate, think about things and see the reality of situations. If you miss this chance to acknowledge reality you will forge ahead with delusions and eventually have a crisis on your hands.  I like to think of it as a season that can save you from yourself.