Sister Sharon Roach

Temptation comes to people for many reasons but the most common of all is because of inner contradiction surrounding a weakness.

Temptation is never a good thing. It is a negative test meant to give life to the worst in you. The presence of temptation lets you know something is decidedly wrong. It never comes for good always for the bad. Yet, it’s not just about right and wrong. Temptation is about contradiction within you. There is division within you and negativity is calling it out. You give into it and evil has won and proved who you truly are.

Of course, each test of temptation comes with a loss. At the time it might seem like the loss is too steep a price for saying no. In fact, it always seems like accepting the temptation is easier than resisting it. But if you’ve been reading these 100 journeys you should know by now that nothing in this life is free. The quickest way to bondage is through joining with someone or something that is inferior. It takes courage to stand on what is right while facing a loss but if you should pass this test you will gain much more than what was lost.

The same power that turns night into day, dark clouds to sunshine and negative to positive can turn your temptation into spiritual discipline cleansing you of the current impurity. All you have to do is remain steadfast and resist. It’s not enough to simply say no to temptation you must understand that by doing so you are holding on to the best part of you.