I call this the Season of the Chilly Heart because it seems as if the other person has grown uncaring and cold towards you.

There comes a time in every relationship whether family, marriage, boyfriend-girlfriend, friendship, co-workers or neighbors that the relationship cools. Many people think that something is wrong when in fact it’s just a normal part of the course for relationships.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to “rekindle” the relationship, they want it be good times always. Nothing is perpetual. Prolonged perfection in relationships brings about boredom and disinterest. Friendships that always have fun can never grow. Marriages that are always in the honeymoon phase never evolve into deeper commitment and eternal love. Neighbors who become too familiar with each other eventually grow tired of one another. Relationships must go through ups and downs, this is a reality of life.

The Season of the Chilly Heart is an opportunity for you to evaluate the relationship and your role in it. There is also the need to provide some space so that each person can have room to grow in the relationship. There is a desire for the two to become one but in reality it’s important that each participant of a relationship respects one another’s individuality. When people allow themselves to merge and melt with the other they lose their sense of self. If the relationship should go bad it leaves them very damaged because they have built themselves around the other person. The Season of Chilly Heart teaches you to respect the other person’s individuality and need for space sometimes.

Soon this season will pass and if it is mean to be, the relationship will become renewed naturally.

Sister Sharon Roach