Sister Sharon Roach

A flower bud pops out of the apple tree branch in the spring. In the summer and fall it grows beautifully into an apple blossom and eventually into a delicious apple. The flower knows its place and role on the apple tree. In the Season of the Flower you need to realize your role in a situation. The apple blossom has been producing apples from the creation of the first apple tree. What have you produced to prove your leadership ability?

Season of the Flower is all about knowing your role in a situation. Sometimes you experience a situation where you feel like taking the lead because no one else is trying to. You feel like you know what needs to be done and are ready to step up to the plate and tell everyone else what to do. Stop. Season of the Flower is not that time.

In the current situation you are confused because you don’t know your role. There are no expectations, directions or guides established in the current situation. Everything and everyone seems to be lost in doing their own thing. As a result, nothing is being produced in the situation, progress is not being made on a larger scale. The situation needs a leader to help bring everyone together and working towards a common goal. You think this is you.

You have the urge to take the helm and bring order to the situation. Make sure this is your role. In every situation there is always a leader and follower. Don’t be tempted to be something you are not. If all you have to offer is words, don’t waste your time trying to lead others in the situation. Actions speak louder than words and in this situation it’s the basis of credibility. If you attempt to lead others with words and ideas it will create resentment, rejection and disunity.

You might have leadership ability in you but this is not the time or situation.

If you are a follower look at the actions of those in the situation and determine who has the strength to lead. Defer to them, support and help them to take the lead. Don’t be a flower if you are really a leaf. If no one in the situation has the potential to lead perhaps it’s time to ask why you are involved with it in the first place.