Sister Sharon Roach

Season of the Gelatinous

As you go through life there will be times that you fall weak and become ineffective. You have become so accustomed to a negative situation that you don’t move forward or backwards, you just sit there and congeal like jello. Have you ever seen what happens to jello that is past its prime? It becomes moldy and disgusting. Hopefully, your Season of the Gelatinous will not get to this point. If you even think you are in this season please heed what I relay in this journey.

This season arrives because you have mindlessly grown accustomed to circumstances that are not conducive for growth. This is totally different than stagnation which can occur in any environment if you stand still for too long. This season is not about standing still too long, it’s about being blind to self. Season of the Gelatinous occurs because you have effortlessly become accepting of an inferior environment. You have no resistance to the negative things around you and soon become a product of your environment. You are oblivious to how pitiful your condition is and the longer you melt into the situation the harder it is to get out. As long as you remain unconscious to what is better in life or the purpose and potential you have within, the Season of the Gelatinous will be lifelong.

A good example of this season is the slothful woman who does not clean her home, going about unconscious of the filth around her. She is blind to the abnormal world she has created for herself. It is an inferior environment that impacts other aspects of her life causing her to be sloppy in her work, slack in her hygiene and messy in relationships with others. The longer she continues in these circumstances the more deeply rooted her slothfulness becomes until she is beyond rehabilitation. This is another reason why it’s important to know thyself and be able to see the truth within.

This is also true regarding life circumstances. You might be in a long running rut because you gave up on trying to improve years ago. You have grown accustomed to depending on others for your needs. You are blind to the vulnerable position you will be in should something happen to those who take care of you. The same can be said for jobs too. You might be stuck in a low wage job barely making it because you have allowed the dead-end job to grow on you. The longer you stay the deeper you sink into your circumstances.

The only opportunity this season provides is the chance to discover hidden strength to get out of it. If you are able to accomplish moving beyond this season it is confirmation that you can do anything in life. There is nothing you can’t overcome. The first step is being able to see the truth about yourself and environment. The second step is taking actions towards improvement. Never allow yourself to sink into the Season of the Gelatinous.