Sister Sharon Roach

You have arrived at the Season of Unseen Influence because your situation has now become a three sided problem. What once was a stable situation is now threatened with instability. The Season of Unseen Influence means that it’s time for you to learn the truth.

A third person has entered the picture, a destructive force which seeks to destroy what was once long established relationship and interfere with the present harmony of things. This will be a difficult journey to the end but one which is necessary. All things must come to light and there are things that have been going on behind your back. The unseen influence wants something that you have to the point of doing despicable things. For the moment, disorder will rule in place of harmony but a level head and control of emotions is what is required to make it through.

A sure warning sign is an atmosphere of aggression and in the current situation, someone who was once cordial or perhaps even loving towards you is now distant, resistant and cold. This sign means that the unseen influence has gained more than their share of power in the situation and has managed to turn the person against you. With such aggression against you a favorable outcome does not look good.

The opportunity this season brings is that of learning the truth about something which has been hidden from you. As part of the Spiritual Season of Winter which always brings the cold truth and the end, closure in the current situation is near. One thing is for certain, it will be the end for either you or the unseen influence in the situation. One will stay and the other must depart. This is the season for you to accept the truth and if necessary move on to something new.