April 25, 2017

I have never liked Steve Harvey because he always pushed the Democratic agenda through his programming instead of encouraging his listeners to be critical thinkers and independent. However, I was not down with the backlash he received for visiting Trump. People called him a coon and dragged his name through the mud. Shame! Let me break the truth down to you on black leadership and their role with President Trump.

In business you are taught that no matter how tense negotiations may get or how many disagreements there are you never walk away from the table. You can’t negotiate for your needs if you are not sitting at the table. This is exactly what black leadership is doing and our people will suffer as a result of their inaction or inability to choose between political ploy and policy making. At the end of the day its policy which impacts our communities and we need to be negotiating our position within the policies. The policies of Bill Clinton helped to create the prison industrial complex and was responsible for the incarceration of disparate number of black men. Where was black leadership when these policies was being crafted? Had they been at the table negotiating and decrying these policies many lives could have been saved.

Currently, any black leader or façade of black leadership is vilified if they sit at the table with Trump to negotiate for the needs of black people. If black leadership is sincere about uplifting black people they would find a way to negotiate with the current administration for the needs of our people. Hatred for Trump and Democratic propaganda should not cause them to neglect their first duty which is to advocate for the needs of black people. It is speculated that recent policy moves will help to replace illegal immigrant labor with prison labor. If this is so, black leaders should be at the table with this administration helping to kill these type policies instead of standing on the outside looking in while policy is being made.

Those who have disengaged are showing where their true loyalty lies and it’s not with their black constituents. They are proving themselves to be a whipping post for the Democratic plantation. Black leaders such as Maxine Waters of California, John Conyers of Detroit, Elijah Cummings of Maryland and I’ll throw in Luis Gutierrez of Chicago have been in office for decades but whose constituents have suffered continuous decline. Their areas are plagued by unemployment, violence and corruption. From these truths alone they should be first at the table with the current administration trying to negotiate for the improvement of their constituents but they are not. Instead, they are party loyalist who sacrifice their constituents for political gain.

I am so through with some of these so-called black leaders who hold hostage political positions for decades while their black constituents decline and decay with every generation. Generations of black youth are paying the price for their political neglect. We will miss out on being included in new rounds of policy making because of their blind loyalty to party propaganda. I understand so clearly why generations of black youth are repelled against these leaders and cannot relate to their weak tactics. It’s embarrassing to see so many of our communities falling apart while black leadership tries to act as a buffer to keep us from connecting with those in charge. One of the biggest fears of the Democratic party is that the republicans will actually do something for black people and as a result even more blacks will abandon the party come 2020.   

When will this continuous cycle of foolery by black leadership come to an end?

Sour Apple Black Leadership

Bitter Has-Beens Who Don't Know the Importance of Sitting at the Table

Sister Sharon Roach