Sister Sharon Roach

On the way home from work today my mind wondered on the plight of today’s small churches. Struggling to raise money, competing with larger churches for members and trying to manage the confusion of congregants who are given a license to sin by society these churches are having a difficult time. One by one, righteous Pastors and their churches are put out of business by the charlatans and opportunist that are popping up pulpits on every corner.

It’s all about making the people feel good even if it’s just for two hours. No spiritual teaching, no values just a lot of hyped up music, screaming and dancing is all it takes to be called a “great” church these days. The higher the congregation can jump, boogie and do the tootsie roll praise, the greater the ranking amongst churches. My heart goes out to the true warriors of God, the leaders who are in it for the right reasons, who have a calling to preach the truth. Unfortunately, if they don’t own a private jet or drive no less than a Rolls Royce their words will fall on deaf ears. Substance is determined by bling, degrees, credentials, associations rather than righteous living, preaching and a proven track record of good stewardship.  

To be a righteous Pastor in these times is a challenge. I’ve seen some who just gave up and walked away because they were tired of being treated so poorly. This is not good because it means we are left with wolves in the pulpit.

I encourage all righteous spiritual leaders to be strong and stand-fast on what is right. These current carnal and materialistic times will pass. People will get tired of hopping, sweating and sliding across the floor. I was recently at a church that went into a praise break, the drummer and band whipped the crowd into a frenzy, even toddlers was trying to do the Holy Ghost good foot.  Feeling left behind this heavy set older woman jumped into the fray, kicked up one swollen ankle to dive into a dance, only to crash on the floor like a wounded rino, destroying several folding chairs in the process, her hat flew across the room, babies screamed and I  moved out the way. The “spirit” flew out the window as quickly as it had darted in. It took several people to hoist that poor old soul off the floor.

Don’t give up.

One day soon, these days of blissful ignorance will come to an end and people will search for the truth. In fact, they are already searching. Just sit back and observe how people move from one church to another in search of that perfect place only to see that it’s another scam. There are people out here who desire to be led by righteousness and who seek the pure and simple spiritual teachings of Christ. As the times become tougher all of the hype will give way to what is real. Even if you are just meeting with ten people, don’t give up. That’s ten people who are being spiritually led and connected in righteousness.

I’m often very hard on churches but my heart goes out to all of the good and righteous leaders. I know you are out there and having a hard time but the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to those who can endure. Trust me, when those opportunist start getting pennies for a paycheck and having to pay the bills out of their own pockets, they will cut and run. You need to be there, willing, ready and waiting for all the people who will need healing, redirecting and proper teaching. The ministry God put in your hands is bigger than a building and bruised ego. Take what you have and give it your all.

If you would like me to pray for your ministry please contact me. We need to pray that God gives you the strength to endure and the resources to survive.