Sister Sharon Roach

Trump has reached the bottom of the barrel. He has nowhere to go but either out or up.

Right now President Trump is having a very difficult time. Anything he says is either just plain wrong, comes out wrong or is taken the wrong way. Same thing goes for his actions, they are either extremely weak or way too strong for the situation. The recent debacle surrounding Charlottesville, Neo-Nazi and KKK supporters has caused him major damage because his response was too soft. Yet, his approach to North Korea wolf cries was over the top. Trump can’t win for losing.

If I had to advise the President I would tell him to do four things:

1. Drain the White House of people who do him more harm than good. Get rid of free loaders who are in positions just for the sake of saying they once worked in the White House. Get rid of the ideological figure-heads whose views are so disconnected from the needs and realities of the people that it’s scary. Hire experienced, knowledgeable, realistic and rational minded experts. Listen to them and vet your strategies with them.

2. Get off and stay away from Twitter!

3. Stick to those issues that resonate with a majority of the people.

People want good paying jobs. The unemployment figures in the news don’t match with all the unemployed people in our communities. Everybody can’t work at McDonalds. Momma, daddy, daughter, brother, uncle, grandma and illegal immigrants are all fighting for the same low paying jobs.

  • Instead of dismantling healthcare and building a wall, tear down the burdensome student loan monster.
  • Pull the rug out from under the greedy healthcare industry including big pharma by bringing on single payer.
  • Either enforce our current immigration laws or give us a merit based system. You can’t tell me that out of 326,474,013 American citizens, companies can’t find enough qualified people on our own soil to fill positions?
  • Stick to your promise to overhaul our trade agreements so that China will stop driving American corporations out of business.

4. Get back on track with infrastructure plans. Focus on establishing a true plan that really helps the nations crumbling and neglected structures while providing jobs for American citizens.

As stated, President Trump has reached a moment of critical mass. He will either go under or over the present debacles. I can recall how during the Republican primaries, many folks thought he was finished because of missteps but he went on to defeat all of his opponents. Will his lucky charm be enough to pull him through the current decline or is this the last straw?

If there is one thing that Trump has proven since his foray into politics is that he is a survivor. He can outlast even the most savvy career politicians. As he crashes from one implosion to another it’s a miracle his ship has not sunk during the first 100 days. Regardless of how he got in the White House, one thing is for certain, he is there for a reason.  I don’t know if that is good or bad. Truth is the path forward will either be an uphill journey to eventual victory over the odds against him or a path to defeat. He’s surrounded by enemies both in and outside of his party. Half the nation is against him. The media despises him. World leaders shake their heads at him. How can it get any worse?