Sister Sharon Roach

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture. Forget the passionate pleas of both sides of illegal immigration. Forget any potential racism. The big picture on illegal immigration surrounds money.

President Trump has once again pivoted to illegal immigration but this time it’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The nation is deeply divided over the fate of DACA. Illegal immigration has always been a tough subject. All sides seem to have passionate valid points on the issue. There is an emotional humane side to the issue and then there is the law. Obama created DACA to shield the children of illegal immigrants from deportation. Trump and his team are currently working on finalizing their plans to end DACA. However, there are plans to provide a six month window to allow Congress time to come up with a solution. I can see already that this will get messy.


In recent weeks members of Congress have been very vocal about running their own agenda and not allowing themselves to be pushed around by the President. This current maneuver on DACA could be Trumps way of reminding them who is in charge. Trump knows that the Republican base will side with him on ending DACA. However, members of Congress have proven themselves beholden to corporate interests when it comes to illegal immigration. Congress will have to decide between their base and corporate interests. Interestingly, over 400 corporations including Google, Microsoft, Apple and other major corporations have come out boldly in support of keeping DACA. Many members of Congress are facing re-election in 2018, how they move on this issue could be a game changer. We could be watching a Republican Party coup in the making.


Corporations want illegal immigration because it drives down wages and increases their profits. Illegal workers also help corporations skirt minimum wage, taxes, healthcare costs, unions and work-place regulations.  Corporations would rather hire illegal immigrants than citizens. Interestingly, the blame is never pointed at corporations. The blame is usually placed on “liberals” or Democrats.  Many American citizens do no support illegal immigration because of the decreasing wages and reduced job opportunities that it presents. Those citizens who fight against illegal immigration are quickly labeled racist or generalized as the Republican base (although many black people are against it too because of current high unemployment rates). Truth is both parties are beholden to corporate interest. It’s about money. But this is not the major concern.


The real problem with illegal immigration is that it’s not sustainable. Essentially, what is happening in the U.S. is that several demographics are fighting for the same dwindling resources. The media, corporations, politicians are instigating tension between the demographics to hide the truth that corporations are enjoying record profits off of the divisions.  If we continue down this deceptive path the nation is headed for a civil war. Not a race war, as many think but a class war. Truth is, the swelling number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. coupled with the unemployed low skilled citizens will create a massive underclass the size of which this nation has never seen. The nation’s economy will not be able to support all of these people who will need government subsidies in order to survive.  Note the sudden urge by lawmakers to get rid of subsidy programs such as healthcare, food-stamps, welfare and other benefits that help people.  


Leaders of this nation know that a massive underclass is being created but they don’t care. They would rather allow next generations of leaders deal with the problem they created. The problem with this is that you, me and our children will suffer and pay the heavy price for the wealth grab. When you hear and see the various factions fighting about DACA don’t take the issues at face value, think of them in terms of who will gain the most in the long term. Corporations are the biggest benefactors of illegal immigration. The U.S. is creating a disservice to illegal immigrants by promising something that is not sustainable and entrenching them in hostile environments all for the sake of corporate profit and political kick-backs.

It is very unfortunate that illegal immigration is being used as a stepping stone to creating an American Oligarchy. It is sad that American citizens and even the illegal immigrants don’t see the truth of how they are both being played. Oddly enough, none of this will be realized until it’s too late. As China rises, it will be the future massive underclass that will cause America to sink.