Sister Sharon Roach

Truth to the Woke

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Danger to Society

The most dangerous person in our society today is not the killer but the person who is awoke. You know the truth about yourself and can easily see the truths of this world today. Whether it be religion, politics, science, economic or social, you see the truth of what is really going on. If you speak out you are immediately discredited, crushed and sidelined. The powers that be do not want you to disturb the sleeping masses.

If you read, research and study information on your own and are able to critically think independent of others views, you are a danger. Society is now dictating to people what they should think, how they should look and act. This is population control. Those such as yourself who follow your own mind is a threat.

If you are awoke, this is a period of silence for you. The world is not ready for what you have to say. However, the time is coming very soon when the knowledge you hold will be welcomed. We are in a season of spiritual ignorance where the carnal, profane and foolish rule the day. Their time is short. Just keep observing and learning, the season of truth is on the horizon.


Seeing Truth

Seeing truth starts within self. If you can’t see the truth about yourself you shouldn’t try to see the truth in others. This is the root of hypocrisy.

Truth is like a multi-faceted diamond of which you only see one sparkle out of many. For every truth you see, there is countless other truths that you don’t see. No one owns truth and no single person has it all. Humble yourself, and know that you will always be a student of truth and never a master. The only master of truth is the Creator who is the essence of all truth.

Seeing truth allows you a proven path to spiritual growth and development. The more you seek truth, the more awoke you become. It don’t cost you nothing to find the truth all you need is determination and the desire to see it.

The Truth You Hold

You can’t save the world, especially when it’s not willing to save itself. Don’t feel bad about not being able to change the world with the knowledge you hold. Save your energy and knowledge for those who will listen. The knowledge you hold is more precious than gold. One day people will come to value what you have to say but right now they take pleasure in carnal things.

The Loneliest Person in the Universe

The loneliest person in this world is the one who has reached the realms of ultimate reality. Having ciphered beyond man-made beliefs, theories and doctrines to the heart of universal truths. A human with countless limitations trying to grapple with truths of finite substance. A person trying to reason with a physical mind things that were meant for the divine mind. This is the reward and curse of those who are acutely woke in a world that is sleep.

Being woke to truth does not give you a divine mind it just means you understand everything in existence is a continuum of the universe, which is the divine mind of God. The divine mind is not a brain, it is not awoke or asleep. The divine mind is creation which in turn is a reflection of the mind of the Creator. The universe and its infinite and intricate workings is the divine mind we can see. In a nutshell, the divine mind you seek is in everything.


Truth Comes with a Price

Helping someone to see the truth is asking them to change their life. There is responsibility that comes with giving truth to others. Will the person be better off by knowing this truth or would it better for them to not know the truth? Are you willing to take responsibility for the chain reaction that you set in motion, through the revelation of truth?

While it is true that you should never be afraid to tell the truth you should also be prepared to accept the consequences of revealing the truth. If there is a price to be paid for telling the truth, make sure you are willing to pay it. Don’t tell the truth, suffer the consequences and then complain about it. You knew from the start that truth sometimes carries a heavier price for those who reveal it. This is reality.

Always remember, truth is not like a belief or doctrine which you can pick up and put down without consequence. Truth is the essence of God and it holds great power causing change to whomever handles it. This is how powerful truth can be.


The Divine Imprint

There is always a constant effort to find the Highest of the Highest, to find that divine connection with the One Supreme Creator. To know God, seek God, touch God or connect with God. This is what philosopher’s term, the Absolute.  The Absolute is termed your personal concept of the Creator. Yet, the Absolute is more than a concept in your head, it is what the ancients referred to as the image of God or what is meant by acknowledging the God in you. Man calls it a concept but it’s really the divine imprint of the Creator within you. That is why knowledge of self is power and truth starts within because it emanates from the Absolute within you.

Being awoke naturally gives you a thirst for knowledge and truth. The most profound truths is what you find inside yourself. Books, lectures and even writings like these are good but nothing beats discovering truth about self. I already told you how powerful truth can be, now just think how all this power will be unleashed in your life.

Living in Truth

It’s impossible to catch all the revelations of truth that enter your life. Truth can sometimes be like the wind. It can slap you in the face like a hurricane or be like a gentle summer breeze that passes you by. It is meant to interact with you this way. When it passes you by unnoticed, you wasn’t ready for the truth and needed to grow into it. When it slaps you in the face, God is trying to tell you something.

There is freedom in abiding in the truth of things. Some of the hassles, stress and worries of life are reduced when you speak and seek the truth. Accepting the truth gives you peace of mind by allowing you to let go of things, people and situations that are harmful to your wellbeing. This is one of the main benefits of being woke, true freedom.