Sister Sharon Roach

3 years ago I did a 2 part series titled “2016 Mystery Leader” and it would seem that Trump fits the bill for the description of this new leader. Rising up out of nowhere on the political landscape, taking office with the force of a tornado and governing with an iron fist. Yep, that’s what is going on alright. 3 years later I have a greater understanding of the context of the 2016 Mystery Leader, it’s complicated and very dangerous. I wrote about our current times in the “Book of Broken Years” warning about the chaotic times we are now experiencing. Bottom-line, our nation is at a crossroads and what we do with the present administration will determine the direction and sovereignty of the U.S. Either we tolerate the current nationalist regime or we embrace the Globalist agenda. Each one will take us to a different future.  

In the “Book of Broken Years” on page 8, I warn about how this new presidency would be filled with strife, obstacles and overwhelming pressing issues. We are witnessing this as Trump’s Muslim Ban, healthcare reform and budget proposals face major opposition. Alleged connections to Russia threaten to bring an end to his presidency. On page 1 of this book I wrote, “I call 2017-2018 the broken years because of the many failings that will take place. Broken alliances, promises, systems, policies, movements and economies. However, when something is broken there is always the opportunity to fix and make it stronger. This is the opportunity that 2017-2018 presents, the chance to finally address long-standing issues.”

Whether we like it or not, whether Trump makes it or not, he is supposed to be exactly where he is in this moment in time. Whether for good or bad, by hook or crook, he is supposed to be the President of the United States at this moment. This is the reality that we must deal with as a nation. This is the unacceptable truth of our time. Yet, there is so much more behind this truth and by not accepting it our nation could be falling into the hands of something far worse than Trump. Unfortunately, many citizens are so caught up in their own individual rights and causes that they can’t see the real enemy who views individuals as another global statistic. Without sovereignty in a nation individuals lose their rights.

As stated in my video, Globalist vs Nationalist, truth is that this is not about Trump. Look beyond Trump and see the truth. This is about the sovereignty of our nation. There is false propaganda painting the nationalist agenda as a racist, xenophobic reaction against immigrants and multiculturalism. The citizens of this nation do not understand that there is a battle being fought for the direction and control of our nation by those who seek to
keep the power on our shores and those who desire to take the power out of our nation and put it at a global level. If people could only understand and see current events from this context of truth, many would think twice about siding and supporting global elites and their new populist uprising. Everything that is being done in our nation today is centered on the struggle for power between the Globalist and Nationalist including the attempt to downsize our federal government. In fact, there are two major events that will take place with our nation that are a part of the power struggle.

Economic Setback:

One of the main ways to bring a nation to its knees is through its economy. The populist uprising will not be on the scale that Globalist need in order to launch a political coup so they will turn to the economy. This administration knows what is coming. They know the Globalist will shake up the economy in an attempt to force them out of power. This is one of many attacks our nation will feel as Nationalist and Globalist battle it out. This administration is preparing for their counter move when this occurs.


The focus of federal spending on the military is not by chance but intentional. War is coming and the U.S. will be right in the middle of it. This is the nationalist attempt to counter the coming economic assault by the Globalist. In hard economic times war helps boost the economy. However, this is not the only goal but part of a much larger strategy co-authored by several nations in attempt to overthrow the Global agenda.  

Our nation is at a crossroads, propaganda is flying left and right and it’s important that you understand what is really going on behind the scenes of what the media is telling you. You need to know what is behind some of the current events and decisions of leaders. As stated before, what we do with the present administration will determine the direction and sovereignty of the U.S. I doubt the masses will truly understand what is at stake until it’s too late.

Trump: The Unacceptable Truth?

April 2, 2017

Sister Sharon Roach