Sister Sharon Roach

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What is Your Future?

People always want to know what the future holds for them.  If you sit at home all day playing video games what more can your future be? More of the same or perhaps homelessness because someone got tired of taking care of you. People tend to view the future as some disconnected dream world that is separate from themselves. Truth is that your future is the fruits of your labor today. If you work hard, apply yourself and look for every available opportunity to grow and advance you will have a great future. If you do nothing but complain about how bad life is treating you, the future will not be so great. However, there is a wildcard in all of this that I will tell you about at the end of this article. Right now, let’s take a look at what really creates your future.

Your Future is Shaped by the Present

All of the actions that you do today are really building blocks for your future. Being conscious of this truth will make you think twice about the things you do. For example, let’s say you have a penchant for cakes and cookies. Is your obsession with baking cakes and cookies building a healthy future or guaranteeing a future of obesity and diabetes? See what I mean? You have to start looking at your present activities in this manner because they are a bridge to your future. You want a bridge that will take you to somewhere better than where you are now. Some folks build bridges to the future with theft, crime, lying and deceitfulness and end up with a future of trouble and possibly prison. Smart folks build their future off of hard work, learning, wise decisions, positive actions and reap a future with abundant blessings. It all starts with what is most important to you today?

What are Your Priorities Today?

What aspect of your life are you focusing on right now? Aside from trying to survive from day to day is there any other priorities in your life that can become a bridge to your future? If not, I strongly encourage you to start looking at priorities for your future. I know a man who was in a relationship for many years and he made this relationship with his woman the most important thing in life. He even placed her over his children and lost his job because of her. No sooner than he lost his job the woman left him. He had nothing not even family members to lean on because of how he ignored his children. He had no income because he foolishly lost his job because of her. His actions of yesterday robbed his future and now he must start over again. You don’t want to end up like this man. Make sure your priorities are realistic and will help to build a good future.

A young woman had to let her drug-dealing boyfriend go because of her priorities in life. She was preparing to go to school for criminal justice. She wanted to build a career with the FBI but her association with the drug-dealing boyfriend who also had outstanding warrants would have hurt her. Also, his activities went against her values. She wisely understood that a future in criminal justice would yield a better future than one with a drug-dealer.

What is your priorities today? Because these will become a part of that bridge you are building towards your future. Everything you are doing in your life right now will help to shape your future. Prioritize and eliminate those things which rob you of a future happiness. There are two things about the future you need to know, you can either build it or destroy it.

This is How You Destroy Your Future

Let’s look at a few ways you can destroy your future. Do things that come with heavy and dire consequences. Live for today and forget about tomorrow. Simply do nothing and watch how fast the future runs away from you. Also, when you do things that go against your values and principals, they become baggage that you take into the future.  It’s hard to move forward in the future when you are overwhelmed with baggage of the past. Let me not forget, dwelling in negativity which causes you to miss out on opportunities for a better future. Rule of thumb. If what you are doing is not building it’s probably destroying. Working with negative energy, thriving in negative situations and feeding into negative people are sure ways to ruin your future because all of it is building a negative force which will become a stumbling block in the future. Speaking of stumbling block, I know someone who is like a massive negative force in human form.

I know a guy who is always complaining about how nothing good ever happens for him. Yet, he’s always gossiping about others, hating on other folks blessings, doing sneaky things behind the scene to cause confusion and conflict between folks, and always sabotaging others opportunities. As time goes by his life becomes more miserable and his actions against others more vicious. People like this are always constantly destroying their own future. It gets to the point that they have so much coming back at them until the future can’t hold all the payback and starts to rob them in their present time.  

The Wildcard in Your Future

Every single one of us will encounter a wildcard on the way to our future. That unforeseen, unexpected event which threatens to rob us of our future. Yet, some people actually have a better future because of an unexpected event that forces them to start building. A wildcard can either make you or break you. Tragic things can happen to people that alters the course of their future. Yet, if you are strong you can take the energy of that tragic event and use it as a catalyst to your future. Don’t let set-backs, failures and tragedies define how your future should look. The future is what you make it so start building your bridge to a better tomorrow.

Just because you are in bad circumstances today doesn’t mean that this has to be your future. I always tell people to use every available resource out here to make your life better. If you are sitting back, don’t have nothing going for yourself but dreaming of the day you become rich and famous, you are headed for disappointment in life. One of my favorite music groups, Earth Wind & Fire, said it best,

“When you wish upon a star

Your dreams will take you very far.

But when you wish upon a dream

Life ain't always what it seems”

So many people are trying to follow their dreams like the millions of young men who want to be the next Jay-Z or young women who want to be Beyoncé. What they should really be doing is finding out what is their true destiny or path in life and build on this. Hollywood is full of people who followed their dreams only to end up sad situations. Stick to building a true and realistic path to the future and you can’t go wrong.

Every time I receive an email from folks telling how they are going to school to learn a profession or making some type of improvement in their life, my spirit soars like an eagle. I love to see people working on making their lives better. Seeing someone rise up to claim their destiny gives hope to those who are struggling to survive from day to day. Your life is the lighthouse that this world needs. There is no greater sermon than watching someone shape their own destiny. Your future holds so many possibilities and your present holds a lot more potential than you think. All you have to do is apply yourself and build that bridge to your future.